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Pam Roberts

Elkins, West Virginia

Pam has been making jewelry for decades. She began supporting herself in college many years ago and just could not put the craft down. Since that time she has added watercolor paintings, pen and ink drawings,
and her own CD of her original tunes.

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 Pam enjoys using natural stones, pearls, coral, shells, glass, and metal to make her one of a kind earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. She uses sterling silver and gold-fill for her earring wires, but also incorporates other metals in her work.

Pam has taken several art courses at Marshall University and Glenville State College as well as local painting classes where she learned to draw, make crafts, and watercolor and oil paint. She particularly likes to paint wild flowers and local scenes.

Pam has played music with Blue Fuse, a blues band from Virginia and West Virginia, The Elktones, a band of females from Elkins, WV, BickleSnob, an eclectic band of multi-talented musicians, and she performs solo. Her solo CD "Where the Heart Lands" features three jazz standards and the rest original songs. The CD was recorded in Elkins, WV during one of Pam's performances.


Aventurine Necklace
Copper & Sterling Earrings
Carnelian Necklace

See her jewelry, paintings, and music at:

Artists at Work Gallery; 329 Davis Avenue; Elkins WV  304 637-

WV Highlands Artisans Gallery; Davis, WV  304 259-5411